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Hello World! It’s good to finally have a blog presence after all this time. At Foose Industries we have been building, learning and innovating during our 5 years of existence and many, many projects and products in multiple areas of hardware and technology, we are finally ready to share some of that with the world through our business and tech blog. The purpose of this blog is to educate and inform both businesses and consumers on many topics related to technology and how that interacts with their business or their “business” as a consumer. One if the many challenges we have faced is dealing with uneducated clients and consumers when it comes to the technology they use when doing business. One of our new services which we are fully rolling out in the form of this blog is to give an inside look on technology and business so both parties can be educated and confident when making purchasing and operational decisions. Some topics we will be exploring in upcoming blog posts are VPNs and how they work for YOU, online payment processing explained and playing offense with smarthome and IoT technologies. We hope you find this blog helpful and informative no matter if you are a consumer or business affiliate!

Ian Foose
Founder, Foose Industries

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