This year I will be attending CES 2020, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year for me as I get a glimpse into the future with all the new and emerging technologies shown at CES. I’ve attended the last 5 CES shows and each time more and more has shown up at the show, it can be overwhelming at times but over the past few years I have developed a “plan” of sorts to get the most out of the show. I’ve heard before that some people come to the show to see what will be “big” next year and some come to get a head start on all the new technologies shown. No matter the reason you are attending I have put together some ways to see enough to get a good grasp on the show and the many exhibitors.


On thing that may distract you are of products that have minor improvements or are not paticularly relevant, such as the motorcycle demo put on by BMW. Now if you have time or just happen to be near when some of these exhibitions take place then by all means watch and take part. While CES has a lot to offer and the BIG companies have capitalized on that, Google, Samsung, Sony, etc, it’s still important to pay attention to smaller companies and or niche markets as I have seen more than a few of these show up year after year bigger and with a more refined product.


Google is famous for it’s CES giveaways and while not as big as they have done at other events such as Google I/O you can still walk away with some pretty sweet gear. Last year they gave out free Google Home, now Nest Hub, vouchers for anyone that rode their interactive ride, and their were free macaroons at the end :). The other major Google attraction is their “Gumball” machine, a giant Gumball machine located outside the main entrance to the central hall, this always has a ridiculously long line (upwards of 3 hours in some cases) and occasionally really great items such as a Pixel is dispensed but otherwise most participants walk away with a hat. Samsung has jumped on the bandwagon as well as GoPro with giveaways with GoPro doing a daily giveaway at 3 everyday, I have personally won a GoPro giveaway and it was worth it since it only takes about 20 minutes out of your day.


While there are many options to eat inside the convention spaces, at the LVCC (Las Vegas Convention Center), a few exhibitors may have a treat for you. In years past Google has provided macaroons for rides of it’s exhibit and Logitech offered up a waffle truck, it’s always worth a look and usually free!

Bottom Line…

The bottom line is to remember your purpose at the show, if you are there for serious business, stick to that, if you are there for research and market insight, have fun but remember to look at enough to deliver a firm decision and accurate information. While I have outlined what I thinks works best for someone on business and someone there to just “observe” for future reference, I have been in the shoes of both and have always had fun and able to walk away with enough industry contacts and great memories!


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