This years CES was unlike prior years, not so much in the technology and products shown but in a shift in what consumers and business are pursing. While the show itself was great and felt more like the CES of the past in regards to the atmosphere of the show, not as many flashy presentations or over the top demonstrations in the parking lot, but there was alot of new and emerging “technologies” shown. Now I say “technologies” because one such technology is the Impossible burger, while not an electronic device it is consumer technology since consumers will eat [consume] it.


I expect to see more foldable and compact devices this year as the mobile device, phone,tablet,etc remains at the core unchanged the chassis will change. This means more ruggedized and durable devices as well as more “comfortable” devices. One thing I have appreciated from Samsung is the pre installed screen protector on the Galaxy S10, while this is due to the special in screen fingerprint sensor it’s an added bonus to the device. While the primary mobile focus is on phones because of the smaller size, “foldables” are on the rise, with a foldable device you can fit more tech into a smaller package, only time will tell if this will be a viable product. Smaller laptops are also considered mobile as they enable a user to stay productive on the go, just about every company has a “mobile” laptop with samsung introducing newer high end Chromebooks.

Samsung Laptops

Desktop Computers

In previous years it seemed like desktop computers were a thing of the past giving way to laptops and tablets. This year a few new desktops, all in one PCs and monitors were shown that show that desktops are still alive. One such desktop innovation that falls into the all in one category is the Dell Optiplex 7070 Ultra, this is a modular PC, like the internals of laptop, that offers multiple configurations and fits inside a dell monitor stand. This is good for “kiosk” desktops that will sit in libraries, doctor’s offices and even for front desks and offices.


Vision AVTR

While the automotive industry has been catching up in recent years, integration between your mobile devices and your car is even easier with NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless charging. As well as ease of use vehicles are getting smarter in regards to driving patterns and taking some of the work away from operating the vehicle on your trip keeping you rested and alert. Some of these technologies are notifications and alerts on vehicle status and information on your destination such as weather and traffic. By also using AI data such as travel habits your vehicle can suggest when to fuel up and even condition the interior before you even need to leave. Mercedes Benz showed off an out of this world concept car with the Vision AVTR, a partnership with James Cameron and Avatar. While the car itself is functional the concept is still far off but put into perspective a potential outcome of our current take of automotive vehicles.

Emerging Tech

A new emerging “Technology” is the impossible meats burgers, this year they were showcasing their impossible “pork” product. While most of the attention on it was on religious practices with pork and it’s impact their product overall has gotten better over the last year and a half and the free White Castle hamburgers they were handing out sure were tasty! Other than future food a few more merging trends are more AI and Machine learning integration into our phones and connected devices to make our everyday lives easier, while this comes with the argument of privacy invasion only time will tell on companies commitment to consumer privacy. While the tides of technology are always changing this year looks promising for new and emerging technologies as well as a pivot point in technology use in our daily lives.

Photo Highlights

Impossible Burger
Google “Building”
Google Slide
Alienware Gaming Monitor
Attending a presentation on 5G and automotive vehicles.


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