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Technological Renaissance

After all the lockdowns and restrictions are lifted I believe we may find ourselves in a new era of coesxiting with technilogy. From personal fitness to healthcare and our “smart” devices around the house, techniloogy will be even more deeply integarted and the new normal in our lives. Just like the last great plague, and the period of enlightment that followed, humanity will reach a new high over and during the next 10+ years as push forward.

As humans we adapt thru growth and this current time is no different. We have had to adapt to remote work and the “new normal” in regards to virtual meetings and how we contact people, order food and see doctors. We have so far adapted even of it’s somewhat uncomfortable or not to our liking. In the long run this is good for our adoption of new technologies and virtual intreating on general. While I anticipate a rebound to our previous way of meeting and working in person at some point, we have had a taste of what the future holds and this will be fresh in our minds for a while.

Ultimately I see a shift in the current work environments to a more remote focused workflow which will impact all of us since most services we depend on and use will be almost entirely virtual. A side effect of this which will cause some challenges is that it will force more people to get acclimated to using technology in their everyday lives and earning to use their mobile and smart home devices to live smarter and not harder. This will foster a desire to learn about technology in general and hopefully provide a path for future engineers and innovation so that we can avoid future technological boundaries and continue to grow as human beings.


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