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With CES and NAMM being some of the only tech related trade shows to take place this year and some of the concern that the novel Coronavirous made it’s way through both shows brings up a good question of the future of trade shows an exhibitions world wide. While CES 2021 will be presented in a virtual format next year, this may not be the show we’ve always attended.

I attend CES every year and do so to to get a 10,000 foot view of what the consumer technology landscape will look like for the next 2 to 3 years and to see what need to change to get there and what needs to continue to happen. While this is my personal take on the show everybody attend with a specific need, these needs vary depending on your industry as some are buyers and other like myself are consumers in a sense that we will use or adopt a technology to offer a service or platform. A virtual format will offer more dedicated time with exhibitors Im interested in.

While I’m not a huge fan of the “virtual confenece” it does mean I can “attend” at my own pace and have more menauful engagements with exhibitors. Being able to rewatch a keynote or demonstration or even getting more information live may be a better experience. Some things that would be nice are some form of an open chat to chat with other attendees at the virtual booth and a way to virtually experience a companies product, such as a real product on the other side that you can control through the virtual exhibit.

Mercedes Benz “Vision AVTR”

Some companies, such as Gigabyte have already offered virtual conventions, Google and Amazon have been doing this for years for their developers. While not a substitute for in person events and hands on learning with devices and developers, the point is still made.

The future is always unknown and the core theme of this blog is technology use from a business and personal perspective, I think that these new “virtual environments” will force us to evaluate and change our lives accordingly.

While a return to in person events is a hopeful thought, they may not be as we remember them, hopefully for the better as this is a change to reimagine reinvent how companies showcase new technologies and services. Its still too early to say what CES 2021 will be like but I know for sure that I’m eagerly anticipating returning to Las Vegas for CES 2022 and riding the Las Vegas Convention Center Hyperloop (if finished).


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