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Technology Adoption

Adoption, embracing, incorporating, all words that describe implementing changes and new technology into your work flow and life. This is often a pain point as change usually does not come easy, usually IT guidelines and user adoption slow this. While the point of this article is not to talk about improving software and systems to ease this, we can discuss ways to ease the integration.

Informing Users

Typically the first thing that you would do as an IT lead is inform your user of the change and ways to mitigate or prevent data and service loss. This step is key as it will set the attitude of your users on the change that is coming their way. While the decision is typically already made and the inyegration is committed, most assume that its time to buckle up for the bumpy road ahead. At this point mass chaos may ensue and lots of confusion is bound to happen.

The rollout

While this process usually looks easy and no matter how much planning is done, there are always either unforseen or specific environment issues that will occur, this will take the most time and will probably lead to users complaining that the existing service is down even though they were properly informed.

“It’s Live!”

Implementing a new system or technology is never easy and takes some getting used to in both in a personal and corporate setting. Besides the overhead of notifying and training users, management and operating it there will always be new issues that arise, but having a good plan in place will ease this. It can definitely be a bumpy ride but its well worth it to ensure that systems are up to date and in compliance.

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