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We all have “data” that we store on our devices and maybe even in the cloud. This “data” takes on many forms, video, music, pictures and documents are all forms of data. As humans we tend to collect and store our “valuables”, data has now become the new treasuredand valued objects that we possess. It’s amazing how our possessions nowadays are represented by 1s and 0s and these can be gone in a flash! In the first part of this 3 part series we will discuss what data is and how it’s stored.

Data Foundations

No matter what your data is, a file, a video or information streaming across a network, data has digital “mass”. This “mass” may be in the form of electrical energy over a wire or inside your computing device. Binary data is the root level of every digital file, these “numbers” will typically reside on a storage device somewhere, nowadays it may be in the cloud. Data sometimes is shrouded in mystism as it’s true form can be difficult to comprehend,

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